I am a young go-getter & 19 year old entrepreneur who was born and raised in Orangeburg, South Carolina. I'm currently living in Bluffton, South Carolina where I attend college at the University of South Carolina Beaufort majoring in Business Management. I’m not your average teenager, I have well developed plans for my life because it is pointless to be out here in this world if you don't know have a well developed plan for the game of life.

My Main Life Plans:

  1. Graduate- I want to graduate from college and obtain my business degree
  2. Depart from Orangeburg, SC- I see more business opportunities in Columbia & Charleston.
  3. Open a Barbershop- I want to bring back the feeling of an old-fashioned, classic barbershop to either Columbia or Charleston.
  4. Live Wealthy- I want to live wealthy and be a successful entrepreneur who has worked to get where they are at in life. I want to own many more businesses other than a barbershop.

With my strategy of living in the future not the past, I’m won’t stop until I make it SUCCESSFUL! I just keep my mentors’ quotes in mind:

You Live and You Learn Son.”-Bill Kimrey
Well then CRUSH IT!” –Wesley Donehue
You can’t help the stack of cards you received, you’re just gonna have to learn how to deal them.” –Robert Sinners

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