An Awesome Coach!

Today I wanna share the story about my football coach. His name is Mr.Bill Kimrey. Some of y’all may have heard of him and judge him by the way he coaches his football team but you have to get to him personally first. He became our new head football coach about a year and some change ago and since then I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him on a personal level rather just a regular coach. Come to find out we have a lot in common. His parents were also divorced and he worked his butt off to be…

Good Person, Bad Decisions

Well today I made the worst choice of my Junior year. I decided to incite a fight. I was already of the border line of being kicked out of school because of stupid choices I’ve made. A couple of weeks ago a teacher and I got into an incident then today a kid decided to get mad after we played a little joke on him. I was in History class when me and some other classmates hid a students backpack then he decides to come grab me by the collar of my shirt knowing that I don’t like him. So…
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