How to Promote Yourself & Brand

Many may ask themselves “What am I doing wrong?” when it comes to bringing in clientele to his or hers business. It is a problem I faced when I first started to build my brand but I worked on it and figured out different tactics on how to approach a solution. I am going to provide some advice on how to get out there on the market. 1. Know Yourself & Brand Before you even step foot on the market you must yourself. This is a CRITICAL step because if you do not know yourself or anything information about your business/brand, it…


Motivation is a word that can be defined many ways depending on the person you ask. If you were to ask me what is motivation is; I would say that motivation is the time when your mind is set on a goal and you are willing to do what it take to accomplish it no matter the obstacles you might face. At the age of eight I was out selling lemonade and snow cones with my buddy in the summer. My motivation back then was money. At the age twelve my grandpa put a pair of clippers in my hand…
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