Good Person, Bad Decisions

Well today I made the worst choice of my Junior year. I decided to incite a fight. I was already of the border line of being kicked out of school because of stupid choices I’ve made. A couple of weeks ago a teacher and I got into an incident then today a kid decided to get mad after we played a little joke on him.

I was in History class when me and some other classmates hid a students backpack then he decides to come grab me by the collar of my shirt knowing that I don’t like him. So I reacted but I caught myself and thought about what my football coach told me about being the bigger man in a situation. So he and I had a verbal altercation then I was sent out to separate and calm down but I let me pride go out the door and came back to see if he still wanted to fight me then I was written up and as a conduct consequence I was sent my school Alternative School Program for the rest of the school term which was only 6 weeks.

I didn’t let this decision get me down in the gutters. I decided to make the best of it and see it as a way to get all my work done in peace and no distractions plus I can earn extra credit because you do all your classes online. As far as my consequences my football coach was highly upset at me because he hated the fact that I got in trouble again. I was upset at myself for letting him down like that.

In conclusion, good people make bad choices but as good people have to know you learn from mistake and do better. As my coach says “Live and Learn!”

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