How to Promote Yourself & Brand

Many may ask themselves “What am I doing wrong?” when it comes to bringing in clientele to his or hers business. It is a problem I faced when I first started to build my brand but I worked on it and figured out different tactics on how to approach a solution. I am going to provide some advice on how to get out there on the market.

1. Know Yourself & Brand

Before you even step foot on the market you must yourself. This is a CRITICAL step because if you do not know yourself or anything information about your business/brand, it will fail. Knowing yourself will help you from looking ridiculous when you introduce yourself and brand/service. Also you will be prepared to answer questions that clients will throw at you. It also will help you later down the road when your business/brand hits a speed bump. For example, let’s say you have a client who needs five different handmade quilts and they need it for tomorrow morning at 7:00am but they called you at 8:00pm the previous day and you say yes! Comes reality and you try to do an all-nighter and fail, now you have an upset client, you’re losing profit, you will receive a bad review, and might have lose a client. That is why you need to know yourself, so you know your limits and your work pace.


Communication is a VITAL part in the business world and everyday life. If you do not communicate your business will be at a stand still. Public speaking skills will help you out because you will not be afraid to walk up to a stranger and introduce yourself and brand. I do it all the time when I reach out to a potential client to ask about a haircut. I go up and ask them where do they get their haircut then introduce my services and then introduce myself. The only way you will know something is if you ask.

3.Social Media

Everyone uses it nowadays, from young to elderly. As an entrepreneur social media is my right hand man. Social media is there for you to use it to the best of your advantage and I’m a firm believer of it. I uses social media day in and day out even though my twitter has now faded away. Facebook is my biggest hit because I established a business profile and reach out to meet new clients. I posts all my before and afters of haircuts on there and make it a public photo so everyone can see it and share it with others. Snapchat is a rising social media app and lately businesses are joining to help promote their business and daily lives at their workplace. Gary Vaynerchuck is a prime example, because he promotes his brand and offers a #SnapchatSecret to his followers which will help their businesses so I suggest you follow him on Snapchat @garyvee.


I cannot stress how important advertisement is. If you do not advertise do you think business will grow? Advertisement is almost free of charge these days. You can advertise on social media, in public by simply talking with someone, or the old fashioned way of going door to door. The key to advertising is the time and place. If you advertise on social media like me, you must know what time to post your advertisement, why post something in the middle of the day when people are out working or running errands. Early in the morning is a good time but the BEST time that works for me is the evening between 6:00-9:00 because that is when everyone is home relaxing or at dinner scrolling through their feeds and BOOM you will pop up. Business cards is also the way to go! I use Vistaprint because they are reasonable, they provide a good responsive preview, and have great deals. I later bought a business card holder and it is a great essential and it helps you present a more professional approach when sealing the deal with a potential client. Finally, just meet up with local entrepreneur or local business and swap cards to hand out to others. That way you will have them helping you out and vice versa.

5.Follow Up

Follow up is the closure in a business promotion. Once you are out there on the market you just follow up with clients you’ve reached out to and they want to hear back from you to purchase a product from you or use your services. If you follow up a client won’t forget about you and then they could refer you to someone else who also need your services.

Now go out and make the best of it!

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