Motivation is a word that can be defined many ways depending on the person you ask. If you were to ask me what is motivation is; I would say that motivation is the time when your mind is set on a goal and you are willing to do what it take to accomplish it no matter the obstacles you might face. At the age of eight I was out selling lemonade and snow cones with my buddy in the summer. My motivation back then was money. At the age twelve my grandpa put a pair of clippers in my hand and I fell in love with barbering. As time went by I began to program my career to be a barber, but I then realized I wanted my own barbershop. After coming to the fact that I wanted to open my own barbershop my motivation changed; my motivation went from MONEY to LIFE. Life may be an odd motivator for some people but for me it does the trick. Growing up in a single parent household really changed my outlook on life because it threw me into the mindset of working hard for the things I wanted in life. That situation motivated me to step up and help my mom and older brother out by going out at sixteen and landing my first job even though I was a bag boy. My life is my motivation because I have made some stupid decisions in my life which lead me to working hard to prove people that good people make mistakes and that I will not let those bad choices hold me back, as they say you learn from your mistakes and I agree with it 100%. When my grandpa passed it motivated me to be a young man and keep the tradition of barbering going. I do every haircut as it was my last so I can put a smile on his face up there in heaven. Just before my grandmother passed, taking care of her motivated me to plan ahead and have my priorities in order. Also I have had had the blessings of great mentors, role models, and my high school football coach who turned out to be my father figure. They help motivate me because I keep pushing no matter how tough things get so I can put a smile on their faces and make them proud. I will not let anything stop me from accomplishing my dreams and I want whoever reads this to do the same.

To close things up, I want to y’all to know that motivation does not rely on money! As the old saying goes “Money is the root of all evil.” Go out or sit down and think about what is your definition of motivation and what REALLY motivates you in life.

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