New Beginnings

Well today marks the new chapter in the book of life, today is the day I graduated from high school. I’m from a small town and my high school wasn’t one of those schools that would be on movies. It’s just a small high school with about 450 kids. My class had about 120 kids at first but we ended up graduating with about 90 something. It’s been a long four years at Calhoun County High School but I made it through the ups and downs. From being a lost freshman scared of the seniors, to being a sophomore thinking I knew it all, then a junior where I was just ready to be a senior and ended up being expelled, and finally to my senior year when I got my act together. I always wanted to graduate high school with honors and it didn’t happen, playing around caught my tail and I had to learn my lesson the hard way. Now it’s time to accept it and prepare for college. The University of South Carolina Beaufort here I come!

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