Tough Love

Y’all might have heard me mention my football coach before, Mr.Bill Kimrey. Words can’t explain how much I appreciate this man. This guy made me the young man I am today. He’s the main reason why I graduated. He’s been through hell and back with me from all the one on one talks about life to the day I got expelled. If it wasn’t for him having his foot on my neck when I screwed up or commending me when I did good, I wouldn’t have made it. He kept me on the right track during my last two years of high school. Coach Kimrey is my mentor, role model, and father figure and I appreciate all what he has done for me. Not everyone think of him as I do, some people don’t like him just because of his past and they way he ran his coaching system at other schools. Others also dislike him because they saw him differently in the past but don’t believe he has changed but he has. I have nothing but love and respect for him and he has the same for me. The best advice he has ever given me is “Live and Learn! Love ya coach!

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